Why Choose Improve Veterinary Education? 

We are committed to the veterinary community 

We advance together through veterinary training 

Who we are

Improve Veterinary Education, part of the Improve International group, is a world leader in training for veterinary surgeons and veterinary technicians. It was founded by a group of professionals who shared the same ideals and who wanted to improve the quality of continuous training in this area and, consequently, the health care provided to animals. Since 1998 more than 40,000 veterinary professionals have developed their skills and knowledge with our training programs.

In 2022, we took the next step in our evolution with a new identity and are prepared to face all the challenges that the future has in store for us. A new name, the same DNA! 

What we offer

Improve Veterinary Education offers a wide range of postgraduate training and intensive courses for veterinary professionals in a format that allows you to develop your skills and knowledge in a logical and progressive way. With our programs, you will benefit from the supervision of our speakers, who are qualified and recognized professionals in their field and who have the latest knowledge in each topic. 


By investing in Improve Veterinary Education training, you are paving the way to becoming more productive in your work, by applying the most advanced techniques.   

We make it easy to deepen your knowledge in the areas that interest you most. That way, you can challenge yourself and gain the additional knowledge you need to differentiate yourself in your career. Our courses are designed to have a positive impact on your professional development, which is why we continually seek to improve what we do.   

Progressing together, side by side! 

Our numbers…

Trained delegates

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For you:
Achieve a recognized qualification
Transform your professional life and approach to clinical cases
Increase your skills, knowledge and confidence to face the most complex cases
Access to a network of like-minded professionals
Fit learning around the workings of a busy practice
For your clinic:
Increase practice revenues through efficiency and broader care options
Improve your productivity through best medicine and team work
Reduce the number of referrals and providing more timely care
Demonstrate commitment to enhancing your practice standards
Enhance morale by empowering your team to leverage their strengths
For your clients:
Improved quality and depth of animal care
Accurate diagnoses achieved efficiently
Increase treatment options tailored to each pet
Reassurance that their pets are in safe and dedicated hands
Optimize patient comfort strengthening the human-animal bond