Veterinary Technician Advanced Certificate

Advanced qualifications for experienced Veterinary Technicians

Who is it for?

The Veterinary Technician Advanced Certificate (VTAdvCert) is an advanced level qualification, designed for veterinary technicians who want to reach the top of their career. If you want to get more hands-on experience, advance your education, and get recognition in your field, this is for you.

To obtain the VTAdvCert, follow these steps:

Participate in a certified modular program, like those provided by Improve Veterinary Education.
All applicants must be working in a veterinary practice or be able to have access to a veterinary practice in order to be able to complete the written assessment (for example, you may need to ensure that this applies if you are a qualified veterinary technician working in the veterinary industry)
Participants can start the program as soon as they have graduated/qualified and will be eligible for examination and assessment on completion of the program
In order to register for the certificate assessments, all participants must have completed all modules of the program
Successful candidates will receive a printed certificate, be included on the ISVPS register of VTAdvCert holders and be permitted to use the post-nominals associated with the certificate
If you are a non-certified Veterinary Technician and have at least two years of work experience in this position, please contact us in order to confirm your eligibility for a certificate