General Practitioner Certificate

Qualifications for veterinarians who want to broaden their horizons

Who is the GPCert for?

The General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert) is a globally recognized mid-level qualification designed to meet the needs of veterinarians like you who have a few years of experience but want to develop their skills. If you want to obtain a postgraduate accreditation without spending excessive time away from your work routine, this is for you. You will be able to acquire new and valuable skills with which you will be able to increase your knowledge and thus the value of your clinic.

To earn the GPCert, follow these steps:

Attend an accredited modular program, like those provided by Improve Veterinary Education.
Supplement your learning with additional resources on topics not covered in the course.
Successfully complete supplementary assessments and the final ISVPS exam.
Receive your globally recognized certificate, boost your career, and enhance your patient care standards.