Equine Oncology: Don’t horse around looking for answers

23 August 2023 -

Earlier this year, we launched our unique online veterinary Academy Series in association with the University of Cambridge. This November, the Equine Oncology semester will be run by the Cambridge Equine Hospital, whose team consists of Anna Hollis, the only equine vet in the world to hold a MSc in clinical oncology, Daria Coleridge, who specializes in surgical management of equine oncology, and Sarah Voss, who has extensive oncology experience following her work at the University of Glasgow.

We spoke to the Cambridge Equine Hospital to gain a deeper insight into what to expect in this revolutionary Equine Oncology semester.

“Tell us about the Cambridge Equine Hospital and the types of cases you see there.”

“How important is it to share the learnings from the Cambridge Equine Hospital via the Academy Series?”


“Clinicians in first opinion practice don’t feel very well informed about neoplasia in the horse.” – Sarah Voss

Luckily for those vets who feel this way, the Academy Series Equine Oncology semester will have four lessons to combat this.

Across the month of November, these highly engaging lessons will cover the diagnosis and staging of neoplasia in the horse, surgical management of neoplasia, medical treatment of sarcoids and medical treatment of other neoplastic diseases in the horse.


“There is never a right answer for any of these oncology cases!” – Anna Hollis

Anna and the team will be sharing how to find the best solution for mysterious cases you may come face to face with. There’s lots of information to take into consideration, so how can you filter through all of them and make sure you’ve selected what’s right for your patient? Plus, the team will be discussing the pros and cons of up-and-coming treatments which can help you in the near future.

“What are some of the key points from the Equine Oncology semester you’ll be discussing?”


“What does the future of equine oncology look like?”


As Anna puts it, you will see many interesting equine patients, but it is guaranteed you will come across an oncology case. Ensure you know what the latest best practice and research is and what to do when handling these complex cases by joining the Equine Oncology semester this November. At the end of the semester, there will be a live webinar with all the speakers so you can answer any questions, share your thoughts on what you have learnt and discuss any specific cases you have come across. Upon completion of the semester, you will gain 12 CPD hours to help towards your annual target.

To find out more, visit improveinternational.com or contact the team at info.us@improveinternatioal.com or call 001 (786) 231 1301.