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Oct 2023 - Sep 2024

Cambridge Equine Hospital is a multidisciplinary practice with specialists in equine internal medicine and surgery, certificate holders in equine reproduction and equine internal medicine, and a qualified veterinary physiotherapist. The Cambridge University Director Anna Hollis is the only equine vet in the world to hold an MSc in Clinical Oncology, our surgeon Daria Coleridge has a particular interest in the surgical management of equine oncology, and Sarah Voss has extensive experience with oncology cases following her internal medicine residency at the University of Glasgow. Both have a diverse oncology caseload and look forward to introducing the first equine module which will focus on the approach and management of equine oncology patients.

You can enroll at any time and receive a six-month access which consists of:

  • Videos, recorded in 2022 using state-of-the-art chroma technology. The use of a green screen produces high-quality resolution recordings and delivers a more engaging learning experience when compared to standard laptop webinar recordings. Videos will be organized in 20-minute, easy-to-manage learning episodes and can be accessed in your own time over the month
  • Notes for downloading
  • Journal club where the team will be signposting suggested further reading
  • Online lesson on ‘How to Reflect’ and a reflection forum for posting reflective comments
  • Reflective quiz at the end of each course to recap your knowledge

This course is aimed at vets in general practice, as well as those studying for further qualifications. It has also been made available for veterinary technicians.

Veterinary students are also welcome to attend.

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Venue: Online
Date: Oct 2023 - Sep 2024

Equine Oncology

12 CPD Hours
4 Modules
4 Online sessions
Price From $485.00
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