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Oct 2023 - Sep 2024

The aim of this course will be to provide general practitioners with the tools they require to feel confident in the management of a majority of neurological conditions commonly seen in small animal practice. We will begin with a session on the neurological examination, neuroanatomical localization, and formulation of a differential diagnosis list in Lesson 1.

In Lesson 2 we will focus on seizures and hope to provide delegates with an understanding of the physiology of seizures and key aspects of the management of epilepsy. We will provide delegates with the tools they need to feel confident when faced with the emergency situation of status epilepticus since this can be a challenging situation for any vet in practice. We will also briefly discuss future research we are hoping to carry out in this area at Queens Veterinary School Hospital.

Lesson 3 will tackle vestibular syndrome in all its forms. This week should enable participants to understand the key signs and differentials in vestibular cases. We will focus on enabling a full understanding of the differences between peripheral and central vestibular syndromes, and the importance of recognizing when each is more likely in any given patient.

Finally, in Lesson 4, we will attempt to unravel some of the issues around intervertebral disc disease. We aim to provide knowledge of the different forms of this disease and how to recognize them. We will further explain the different management strategies and prognoses with this common problem and try to break down some commonly-held misconceptions about this disease. You will be given access to information about the research being carried out at Cambridge University which is giving some new insights into an old problem.

You can enroll at any time and receive six months' access which consists of:

  • Videos, recorded in 2022, using state-of-the-art chroma technology. The use of a green screen produces high-quality resolution recordings and delivers a more engaging learning experience when compared to standard laptop webinar recordings. Videos will be organized in 20-minute, easy-to-manage learning episodes and can be accessed in your own time over the month.
  • Notes for downloading
  • Journal club where the team will be signposting suggested further reading
  • Online lesson on ‘How to Reflect’ and a reflection forum for posting reflective comments
  • Reflective quiz at the end of each course to recap your knowledge

Please see individual courses on the website for learning outcomes for each lesson.

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Venue: Online
Date: Oct 2023 - Sep 2024

Canine and Feline Neurology

12 CPD Hours
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