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Deep dive into infectious diseases impacting your patients

This Essential Medicine course will cover key areas of the latest learning in infectious diseases. 

The course is divided into canine and feline modules. Topics include respiratory, gastrointestinal, and hematologic pathogens found throughout the United States, UK, and Europe including emerging vector-borne diseases, fungal diseases and bacterial diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and atypical organisms. With online lessons, videos, webinars, and two case studies participants will be ready for whatever walks in the clinic next. 

Develop your understanding of this vital area of small animal medicine in a logical and thorough way. 


What does this Essential Medicine course include?

Written by renowned experts in this field, this course dives deeper into these subject areas than any other course. It will enable you to confidently and proactively approach infectious diseases in dogs and cats.    

You will also cover: 

  • The major infectious diseases in dogs and cats 
  • Clinical signs of significant imported diseases occurring in dogs 
  • The principles of vaccination and vaccination protocols 
  • The diagnosis and treatment of Hemoplasma infections 
  • Diseases of hunting cats including toxoplasmosis, pox virus, mycobacterial disease, and salmonellosis 
  • Enteric infections of the cat, including protozoal disease (trichomonas fetus, cryptosporidium, giardia, and isospora) and bacterial/viral disease 
  • The control of infectious and zoonotic diseases in the home, clinic, shelters, and catteries 

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for all veterinarians, including those with an ISVPS General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert) and/or Postgraduate Certificate awarded by Harper Adams University.   

Key features of this program

Two interactive modules

Online and delivered via our world-leading learning platform, which you can access any time 

20 hours of CE

Divided over two modules

CE developed by leading experts

We have selected the very best experts to help develop the content and structure of the Essential Medicine programs


This course is not RACE accredited. It provides 20 hours of CE which can be applied in clinic

Six months access

Access to the content for up to six months 

5% discount

If you enjoy the course, you can consider upgrading to the full Small Animal Medicine General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert) Program with a 5% discount

100% online

Using blended media, a mixture of different learning styles from interactive online lessons and videos, webinars and “knowledge” checks

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Canine and Feline Infectious Diseases

20 CPD Hours
2 Modules
2 Online sessions
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