Advanced Veterinary Technician Programs

Next level learning for veterinary technicians

Increase your skills with advanced training and qualifications  

Improve Veterinary Education’s advanced programs are developed for veterinary technicians who wish to increase their knowledge and practical skills, progress their academic qualifications and gain recognition in their field.

Our advanced courses are the next-step programs for experienced veterinary technicians who want to move to more complex nursing cases and procedures. Those attending one of our veterinary technician programs can achieve an Advanced Veterinary Technician Certificate (VTAdvCert) awarded by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS). These qualifications will enable you to expand your knowledge and gain academic and peer recognition. 

Advanced Vet Tech Programs: the next level of training for veterinary technicians who wish to develop their knowledge in a specific clinical topic and access exclusive learning content and resources.

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Why choose an Advanced Program?

Increase your skills and confidence in dealing with more advanced procedures in-house 

Develop your knowledge and confidence to manage complex vet tech cases 

Enhance your skills to benefit you and your team 

Gain access to leading specialists