Our Training Partners

Organisations and brands working with us

We work closely with each of our partners

Improve Veterinary Education has a number of training partners who offer our online and blended courses in their local market.

These training partners mean we can provide more veterinary professionals around the world with the skills and confidence to deliver compassionate animal care through advanced training and qualifications.

Ireland: Duggan DVS

Duggan Veterinary Supplies is regarded as one of Ireland’s leading veterinary and human pharmaceutical, equipment and consumables suppliers, based in Tipperary. Since 2021, the Guaranteed Irish and ISO accredited business has offered face to face CPD in their purpose-built, state-of-the-art practical training facility in central Thurles. Together, Improve International and Duggan Veterinary Supplies will offer a range of online and blended modular courses covering a range of species and subjects, with practical learning for the blended courses delivered in Thurles.

Web: Duggan DVS

Harper Adams University


SCIVAC works to keep vets to a high scientific and professional level.
SCIVAC’s overall objective is to improve the veterinary care of pets by working with the best speakers, advanced technologies and skills.

Working closely with Scivac enables us to share courses that we think would be of interest to you and help provide you with a far-reaching range of training.


Harper Adams University


Vetman Ltd has offered practical solutions to veterinary professionals for over thirty years. Our long experience and understanding of veterinary medicine have made us pioneers in the field. We represent the industry’s leading brands in anaesthesia, diagnostics, imaging, and rehabilitation, as well as equipment for the animal clinic, from supplies to furniture. You can get to know our products in the store connected to our offices, and you can make purchases both on-site and in our online store. The EHYT Animal Clinic also operates in the same building as us, where our products are in daily use and which we can utilize for collecting feedback. In addition, we actively train veterinary professionals ourselves and with our partners in our own facilities. Our modern facilities and tools enable lectures, practical training and online courses.

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