Short Courses

Highly practical, intensive training

Long-term benefits with short-term study

Our short courses are ideal for expanding your knowledge on specific topics so you can dive deeper into your chosen subject. Taking place over one or two days in our Swindon and Sheffield facilities, our short courses mean you won’t have to compromise your budget or free time.

Browse our range of short courses which include schedule 3, ultrasound, wound management and much more.

Short courses: Time-limited programmes, usually focused on specific clinical topics or techniques and with significant hands-on components. Content includes the latest knowledge in each area and are led by world-renowned speakers.

Why invest in a Short Course?

Lower economic and time investment

Reputable speakers and limited groups

State-of-the-art facilities

Varied topics focused on specific techniques and procedures

Highly practical components with discussion of real cases

Networking opportunities with fellow peers with the same interests

Greater diversity of dates and locations