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Online learning (also known as remote learning, distance learning, digital learning, or e-learning) has revolutionised education, including for the veterinary community. So, what is online learning and what makes a good experience? If you are familiar with traditional online learning methods, read on, as ours is not the standard experience. If you are new to online learning, the below information will help you choose the best way for you to learn and what you can expect – and it’s not just recorded lectures and PDF’s!

Hear from Dan Jeffries, our Head of Digital Learning to see how interactive our lessons are.

What are the different learning styles?

At Improve Veterinary Education, we believe in making learning easily accessible, flexible, engaging, empowering, and most importantly, fun! Our content is carefully crafted to cater to various learning styles including visual, auditory, read & write and kinaesthetic preferences.

Visual learners rely on images, maps, and graphic aids to grasp and absorb new information

Auditory learners excel in environments where they can listen and engage in discussions, benefiting from techniques like repetition and mnemonic devices

Read & Write learners thrive when content is presented in written form, excelling in note-taking and essay writing to comprehend abstract concepts

Kinesthetic learners grasp information best through hands-on experiences, preferring tactile representations and learning by doing

Unfortunately, a considerable amount of online material, such as webinars, streamed lessons, note-based or online content, and recycled recordings, often falls short of meeting these goals. With a different approach, we have redefined online learning for a more effective and enjoyable educational experience. Explore the example lesson below.

How is Improve Veterinary Education different?

Our courses are meticulously created by a team of educational and veterinary experts with clearly defined learning objectives – watch the video below to hear more from Dan about the team involved and how our courses have evolved.
We employ a diverse range of multimedia tools to ensure content resonates with all types of learners. Through structured content releases, learners have ample opportunities for self-assessment and reflection. Engaging exercises like quizzes, drag-and-drop activities, and fill-in-the-blank exercises are integrated to solidify learning. Weekly summary videos highlight crucial facts for enhanced retention. Additionally, our platform facilitates collaboration via a forum guided by specialised tutors and live webinars that dissect complex clinical cases.

Prior to enrolling in any online course, it’s essential to evaluated how it will be delivered and if it fits with your learning style.

Below is what we offer delegates who join our courses, with many other CPD providers only offering pre-recorded webinars or online reading documents!

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State-of- the-art Video Lessons

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Facilitated Forum Discussions

Live Case Study Webinars

Pre-Recorded webinars

Supporting Study Notes

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