Louise O’Dwyer Scholarship Opens For Another Year

12 July 2023 -

In honor of Emergency and Critical Care (ECC) nurse, Louise O’Dwyer, Improve Veterinary Education has opened its annual scholarship to veterinary nurses for a fourth year. 

Louise O’Dwyer was a highly respected vet nurse who dedicated her expertise to developing ECC medicine and teaching others in this important area. She spoke at many congresses across the globe and for a while was a speaker for Improve Veterinary Education before she passed away in 2019.  

If successful, one applicant will be awarded a free place on Improve Veterinary Education’s Emergency and Critical Care training programme (online learning or face to face options available). Key ECC topics will be covered, including: 

  • Triage, monitoring and stabilisation 
  • Medical emergencies 
  • The trauma patient 
  • Surgical emergency procedures 
  • Fluid therapy and more 

Dr Charlotte French, Head of Business Development UK at Improve Veterinary Education, said: “Louise O’Dwyer was a dear friend of ours and we were honoured to have her share her expertise and talents with so many veterinary nurses eager to learn more about ECC. This scholarship in her name is our way of thanking her for all that she contributed to the veterinary community and to keep her memory alive by giving someone the wonderful opportunity to gain an achievable postgraduate qualification in an area she was passionate about.”

This year’s scholarship is open from 1 June 2023 to 31 July 2023. To find out more, visit: