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Postgraduate Certificates

If coming from a non-European country – how would face to face module attendance work?
What is a Postgraduate Certificate (PgC)?
What is the criteria for enrolment?
Over what time period can I take the taught modules?
Are Improve’s Postgraduate Certificates academically equivalent to the RCVS CertAVP and other postgraduate certificates?
I have previously achieved a GPCert. Can I use this towards a PgC?
How are Improve’s PgC programmes different to other providers?
Is my practice suitable for studying towards a postgraduate certificate?
Where are the taught programmes held?
How many hours will I spend on my certificate?
How will I be assessed?
What resources will be available to support me through the PgC?
Will Improve’s PgCs enable me to apply for the RCVS Advanced Practitioner Status?
How can I fit a modular CPD programme into my busy life?
I want to register on a modular course but I may be away for some of the modules. Does this mean I will miss out?


What are the course timings?
Tell me more about Improve Veterinary Education
Who are Improve’s partners?
Does course attendance go towards my CPD hours?


Can I pay by Direct Debit?
What payment methods do you accept?


Who is ISVPS ?
If I sit and pass an ISVPS examination, will the RCVS include it in its register?
Do I have to register for the ISVPS Certificate to attend a General Practitioner Certificate programme?

Vet Online Learning

Who can enrol on the Online Learning programmes?
What does the GPCert consist of?
What does the PgC consist of?
Is the PgC programme recognised by other countries?
Can I do the GPCert and the PgC at the same time?
How can I track my progress in the programme?
Does the Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) programme differ from the GPCert?
Do I have to access the programme via a specific browser?
Which modules do I choose for the PgC and when do I have to choose them?
Is the General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert) all online?
How do I submit my case report for the GPCert?
How do I register for the GPCert and/or the PgC?
What do the case logs for the case diary consist of?
Can I defer a module?
If coming from a non-European country – how would face-to-face module attendance work for the PgC?

Nurse Advanced Certificates

I don’t have an ISVPS NCert. Can I progress to the NAdvCert?
When do examinations take place for the NCert/VPPCert and do I need to travel to take them?
What does the examination consist of?
Is there an option to defer the programme?
What happens if I fail an ISVPS assessment?
When is the learning content available for each module?


Are the lecturers European or American Diplomates?
Who can enrol on the Accelerated Learning programmes?
What learning resources are available?
How many hours per week will I have to spend on the programme?
Are there live sessions or other events that require me to be connected at a specific day/time?
Can I enrol in the programme at the time of my preference?
What does the FCert consist of?
When do the exams take place?
How do I register for the FCert?
How often are the modules released?

Vet Advanced Certificates

Will there be any additional costs involved?

Nurses Certificates Online Learning

Who can enrol on the NCert/VPPCert Certificate Online Learning Programmes?
What does the NCert/VPPCert qualification consist of?
How do I register for the NCert/VPPCert qualification via Online Learning Programmes?
How many CPD hours will this programme provide?
How much self-study is required?
Will there be any additional costs involved?
How can I track my progress in the programme?
What qualifications are needed for taking the programme if coming from another non-European country?
Do I have to access the programme via a specific browser?
What additional learning resources are available?

Ultrasound Scanning

Will the dogs be sedated?
Will the dogs have any abnormalities?
Are the dogs clipped?
Are cats used for any of the ultrasound courses?