#EmbraceEquity Celebrated by Improve International Group on IWD 2023


This International Women’s Day, staff across the Improve International Group have come together to #EmbraceEquity in this year’s global campaign. 

The CPD provider had staff members take photos of themselves supporting the arms-crossed gesture of #EmbraceEquity, with some wearing this year’s chosen colour of purple which symbolises justice, dignity and loyalty to the cause.  

Staff in purple for IWD

David Babington, one of the Group founders, in purple

UK staff for IWD

Susana, HR and Heber Alves, CEO

Portugal staff for IWD

Staff also shared stories of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women in their lives. From overcoming adversity to mentoring others on the path to success, the Improve International Group was able to put a spotlight on the efforts of the many female members within each of its three sub-brands: Improve Veterinary Education, ISVPS and Improve Veterinary Practice.  

Alongside staff’s contributions, vets and vet nurses can see stories of female vets who have made ground-breaking shifts within the industry on Facebook and Instagram.  

The outstanding women featured this year are: 

  • Aleen Cust (born in Ireland, 1868). The first female veterinary surgeon to be recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 
  • María Cerrato (born in Spain, 1897). The first woman in Spain and the third in Europe to obtain a university degree in veterinary medicine in 1925 
  • Maria von Maltzan (Born in Germany, 1909). Graduated from veterinary school in 1943 and was a resistance fighter who saved the lives of many Jewish people 
  • Jane Hinton (Born in USA, 1919). A pioneer in the study of bacterial antibiotic resistance and one of the first two African-American women to gain the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 
  • Suzanne Morrow (Born in Canada, 1930). Earned her degree in veterinary medicine from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1952 and won the bronze medal figure skater at the 1948 Winter Olympics 

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