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24 Jul 2024

A one-day, practical course, focusing on hind-limb ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia; highlighting the relevant literature, driving the shift to this type of anaesthesia for hindlimb surgery.

Appropriate analgesic protocols are essential, to ensure excellent patient outcomes, within the clinic or hospital environment. The benefits of utilising local blocks are extensive;  and include lowering your clinic's carbon footprint, by reducing the inhalant gas requirements, during surgery. 

This course will take you from physiology to contraindications, via a hands-on wet lab practical session and will be of interest to any veterinary surgeons who routinely perform hindlimb surgery.

Vets attending this course should have a good level of ultrasound experience, in order to take full advantage of the practical session.

Experienced RVNs may also attend this course.

Digital course notes, refreshments, and lunch will be provided.

Key features of this programme

A brief review on relevant research on ultrasound guided nerve blocks of the hind limb in dogs
Principles of regional anaesthesia blockade – nerve physiology
Local anaesthetics – different agents, indications, toxicity profiles and management of local anaesthetic overdose
Review of sonoanatomy of the nerves innervating the hind limb
Optimising your ultrasound machine settings to identify nerves
Ultrasound technique for providing regional anaesthesia of the stifle, tibia and fibula, tarsus and pes
Ultrasound technique for providing regional anaesthesia of the hip and femur.
Assessing success of the block
Post operative management and care
Contraindications and complications

Programme Details

Module Summary

Venue: Sheffield
Date: 24 Jul 2024

Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia

Day 1: 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM
6 CPD Hours
1 Module
Price From £949.00 + VAT
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