Nurses Course

Schedule 3 Surgery


04 Dec 2023 - 04 Dec 2023

This super popular course will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of Schedule 3 nursing, including a variety of surgical management techniques.  You will have an opportunity to practise suture techniques and perform procedures such as ear tip amputation, biopsy and wound closure on cadavers.

You will leave with the confidence to go back to practice and take on these cases.

Key features of this programme:

Suture minor wounds
Biopsy lumps via a variety of techniques
Remove appropriate skin lumps
Tail amputation
Ear tip amputation
Digit amputation
Carry out surgical management of aural haematomas

Venue: Swindon
Date: 04 Dec 2023 - 04 Dec 2023

Schedule 3 Surgery

04 Dec 2023 - 04 Dec 2023
Other available dates
Day 1: 09:30 AM to 05:00 PM
6 CPD Hours
1 Day


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