Vets and Nurses Course

Nursing the Emergency and Critical Wildlife Patient


03 May 2023 - 03 May 2023

Nursing wildlife species within the veterinary practice can be difficult., There is a responsibility to attend to a physical injury while providing a suitable, behaviourally enriched environment. Decisions as to the ethical approach within treatment plans should be openly discussed with the whole veterinary team to ensure the patient’s best interests are achieved, with the goal being that upon recovery, the animal should be able to survive and thrive in its natural habitat. 

This course will provide delegates with the knowledge to nurse and treat a wildlife patient from the first admission to the practice to rehabilitation and return to the wild. 


This course is interprofessional and suitable for: 

  • Veterinary nurses 
  • Veterinary surgeons, particularly new graduates and vets wanting to refresh their skills 

Course notes will be made available, prior to the day.

Key features of this programme:

Legislation and ethical balance
Health and safety

Venue: Online
Date: 03 May 2023 - 03 May 2023

Nursing the Emergency and Critical Wildlife Patient

03 May 2023 - 03 May 2023
Day 1: 09:30 AM to 05:00 PM
6 CPD Hours
1 Day