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Jul 2024 - Feb 2025

Veterinary medicine has advanced significantly in recent years making this a key area of study

This programme has been designed to provide Veterinary Nurses, and Veterinary Paraprofessionals with the opportunity to access relevant and up-to-date knowledge of small animal nursing of medical cases and to use this knowledge to improve the treatment given to canine and feline patients in practice.


What you’ll learn... 

  • Anaesthesia and Analgesia - An in-depth exploration of the principles and practices essential in the administration of anaesthesia within veterinary settings alongside learning the intricate principles of pain management including analgesic agents, pain assessment techniques, and strategic approaches to alleviate pain. 

  • Principles of the clinic and the patient - Understanding principles in managing a practice is crucial. The Clinic module covers organizational structures, client communication strategies, and compliance with regulatory standards while the Patient module emphasises the importance of tailoring care plans to individual patient needs. 

  • Imaging and Oncology - The Imaging module explores diagnostic imaging techniques, including radiography and ultrasonography, enhancing participants' diagnostic capabilities in veterinary practice. The Oncology module delves into veterinary oncology principles, covering the diagnosis, treatment, and holistic management of cancer in animals. 

  • Body systems and Pharmacology- The body system module will provide delegates with up-to-date knowledge on the common medical diseases seen in practice and their nursing considerations, allowing delegates to explain and discuss their typical presentations and their management. While the pharmacology module will discuss common approach to poisoning cases, diagnostic testing, importance of antibody testing vaccination and the rational use of drugs in medical management.  


Why choose this programme? 

  • The course comprises 8 modules in total with a module being delivered every month. The module content is divided into four weeks of teaching. 

  • Learning objectives are covered in the first three weeks and delivered via nine online lessons. The module is concluded with two interactive reflective sessions (where appropriate) or case studies within week four. 

  • At the end of this NCert/VPPCert you can book three optional attendance hands-on modules to help further your understanding. 

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Key features of this programme

Support and guidance from a specialist Module Tutor in internal medicine
Multiple learning processes
100% online, Interactive and engaging modules
Dedicated Programme Coordinator
Accredited CPD
12-month subscription to the RCVS Knowledge Library
Optional practical module
Complementary online study skills lessons

Programme Details

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The Course Includes

Venue: Online
Date: Jul 2024 - Feb 2025

NCert/VPPCert in Medical Nursing

8 Modules
8 Online sessions
1 Optional Practical Attendance Module
NCert/VPPCert in Medical Nursing
Price From £3,219.00 + VAT
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This course is accredited by ISVPS and allows you to achieve a Nurse/Veterinary Paraprofessional Certificate

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