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11 Nov 2024 - 10 Jun 2025

Learn how to manage and investigate inappropriate behaviour commonly seen in many practices. 

This Animal Behaviour programme is designed to teach veterinary nurses and paraprofessionals to deal competently and safely with canine and feline emotional health issues within the context of veterinary practice. The role of the veterinary nurse /paraprofessional in preventing emotional health problems in companion animals will also be discussed, together with the support that can be offered in optimising the general practice experience for patients and their owners. 

Please note: This programme should be taken in sequence to gain the maximum benefit and that future regulation may restrict the use of the term “animal behaviourist” to those who have undergone further training but should not restrict the ability of the successful candidate for the NCert (AnBeh) to use his/her knowledge within the scope of their practice. 


What you’ll learn...  

  • Clinical causes of behaviour problems: Delegates will learn how to recognise the concept of emotional and physical health and how these interplay between clinical and social/environmental causes of behavioural presentations.  

  • Repulsion behavioural responses in companion animals: Learn how to differentiate between the motivational causes of so-called “aggression” in dogs and cats and the importance of other behavioural responses to negative emotional motivations, explaining how these relate to the responses of repulsion and confrontation. 

  • Fear-anxiety-related behavioural responses: Delegates will learn how to recognise the fear-anxiety system and the common presentations of behavioural signs in companion animals. 

  • Tools available in behavioural medicine:  This module will consider the tools available in behavioural medicine. There will be a discussion of the role of nutrition in behaviour by considering the potential influence of nutritional input but also the effects of feeding behaviour and gastrointestinal function. Medication will be considered with general information given about drug classes and potential indications including short-term management and longer-term modification of behaviour. A broader overview of the tools used in dealing with behavioural cases will include the role of communication, understanding of learning theory, and appropriate use of equipment.   

  • Behavioural medicine in general veterinary practice: Module eight will cover the integration of behavioural medicine into general practice and highlight the need for behavioural knowledge to make veterinary visits as positive as possible for patients, owners, and practice staff 



Why choose this programme? 

  • The programme will use a mixture of lectures, discussion groups, and case histories to develop your knowledge of the emotional and motivational systems of dogs and cats. 

  • The course not only highlights the importance of emotional health in animals but also provides insights into optimising the general practice experience. 

  • By addressing emotional health issues and emphasising preventative care, participants can enhance their role in veterinary practice, providing a higher standard of care for both patients and their owners. 

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Key features of this programme

Online Study Skill Lessons
12-month subscription to the RCVS Knowledge Library
The NCert/and VPPCert is awarded by our global qualifications provider ISVPS
A discussion forum for conversation, debate and sharing cases with your peers and Module Tutors
A dedicated Programme Coordinator who will support you every step of the way
Pre-module and post-module assessments encourage you to reflect on your learning and evaluate your progress

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Venue: Swindon
Date: 11 Nov 2024 - 10 Jun 2025

NCert/VPPCert in Animal Behaviour

8 Modules
NCert/VPPCert in Animal Behaviour
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This course is accredited by ISVPS and allows you to achieve a Nurse/Veterinary Paraprofessional Certificate

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