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Advanced Certificate in Small Animal Cardiology

ISVPS General Practitioner Advanced Certificate (GPAdvCert)

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21 Jun 2023 - 14 Sep 2023

Dive deeper into the world of Small Animal Cardiology with our advanced programme

Join this exciting new Small Animal Cardiology programme to learn more about the latest in veterinary cardiology and progress your development towards becoming an advanced practitioner.

Build on your confidence and skills whilst learning about the latest updates in veterinary cardiology. Grow your knowledge of more complex cardiac disease and advanced diagnostic treatment modalities whilst exploring in-depth examinations of the evidence behind treatment recommendations. 

This training will also enable you to achieve a General Practitioner Advanced Certificate in Cardiology (GPAdvCert Cardio) awarded by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS) and provide an open route for a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Practice Sciences through our partnership with Harper Adams University (HAU). Advance your knowledge and skills throughout each of the modules and progress to the next stage of your career!

What does the programme include?

Every module is taught by experienced veterinary specialists, including practical sessions in electrocardiography and individual tutoring in echocardiography to help develop your hands-on skills.

Topics include:

  • Complex cardiac diseases
  • Advanced diagnostic techniques
  • Cardiac emergencies
  • Treatment modalities
  • Cardiac interventions

The course director is Lara Barron (DVM MS DACVIM-CA (Cardiology) MRCVS).

Who is this programme suitable for?

This 14-module programme has been designed to build upon the knowledge and skills gained from the General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert/PGCert) in Small Animal Cardiology. It is also suitable for veterinary surgeons who already have a good knowledge of the subject, perhaps gained by attending other postgraduate training programmes or by direct clinical experience (we recommend five years in practice).

Which advanced techniques can you learn?

Our Advanced Certificate programmes are designed for veterinary surgeons who wish to deepen their knowledge in a particular subject. Examples of additional and new areas covered in this advanced course include:

  • Anesthetising the cardiac patient: this naturally carries additional risks, and a veterinary Specialist in Anaesthesia will cover patient assessment together with protocols for sedation, anaesthesia, and monitoring
  • Pulmonary hypertension: the various causes of pulmonary hypertension will be presented with a detailed discussion on how to identify and treat them appropriately. Given the recent increase of imported cases of heartworm infestation into the UK, this will also be included
  • Latest developments in cardiac surgery: this module will include the application of minimally invasive interventions, catheter-based treatments, and some of the latest surgical approaches to treatment.

What you'll learn:

14 modules to guide you through key cardiology information over the course of one year.
Two practical sessions to develop practical skills under the supervision of an experienced echocardiographer
Numerous case examples will be used to help you relate your theoretical knowledge to clinical practice
More advanced diagnostic techniques will be reviewed together with more complex cardiac diseases and their treatment options. An evidence-based approach will be used throughout the programme
Diverse learning process with presentations, notes, practical sessions and exercises that will allow you to assess your progress throughout the course
Group sizes will be strictly limited to enable an excellent learning experience

Programme Details:

Advanced Topics Covered

Specifically, this programme will cover:

  • An in-depth review of the anatomy and physiology of the cardiac system.  This module will help prepare delegates for the more complex cardiac conditions to be covered in later modules. 

  • Advanced diagnostics including echocardiography and electrocardiography.  The programme will take current echocardiography skills to the next level with applications to specific cardiac conditions.  During two-days of small group instruction, delegates will practice their scanning skills covering all of the echocardiographic measurements and their interpretation.  Cardiac arrythmias can be challenging even to advanced cardiology practitioners.  Using a case-based teaching model, delegates will follow a structured approach to ECG analysis.  The use of ambulatory ECG will also be covered. 

  • The latest developments in the diagnosis and management of both acquired and congenital cardiac disease will be taught, including refractory congestive heart failure, heartworm disease, more complex congenital heart defects and cyanotic congenital heart disease. 

  • Cardiac emergencies can be intimidating for many veterinarians.  A veterinary Specialist in Emergency & Critical Care will take delegates through a step-by-step approach to the diagnosis and management of these urgent, often life-threatening cases.  The use of Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) and the emergency treatments of cardiac arrythmias will be covered in depth. 

  • Feline cardiac disease is often seen as a difficult area and this module will focus on the practical applications of case management, including poorly responsive heart failure. 

  • Successful management of cardiac manifestations of systemic disease is dependent on the correct identification and treatment of the underlying problem as well as appropriate use of cardiac medication. In this module, cardiac manifestations of systemic disease and their management will be discussed in detail.    

Module Summary
  1. Review of anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias I
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias II
  4. Advanced echocardiography I
  5. Advanced echocardiography II Day 1
  6. Advanced echocardiography II Day 2
  7. Cardiac Emergencies
  8. Update on acquired cardiac disease in dogs
  9. Update on feline cardiac disease
  10. Advanced congenital heart disease
  11. Anaesthetising the cardiac patient
  12. Cardia manifestations of systemic disease
  13. Pulmonary hypertension
  14. Advances in cardiac surgery and minimally invasive interventions

Please note the module order may be subject to change


Our Small Animal Cardiology Advanced programme offers you a comprehensive range of structured learning. The course will give you new knowledge and skills to take back to practice, and you can work towards a recognised qualification. Our advanced programmes are not only for those who have gained a previous qualification, such as an ISVPS General Practitioner Certificate, a Postgraduate Certificate by Harper Adams University, or an equivalent, but is also suited for experienced professionals wanting to advance their cardiology knowledge. 

We recommend you have at least five years’ experience of working in practice before taking this course – talk to one of our team to find out more.

General Practitioner Advanced Certificate (GPAdvCert)

By attending the full online structured programme and following successful assessment, including an exam, you can gain the GPAdvCert awarded by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS).

Postgraduate Diploma (PgD)

A route to a PgD in Advanced Veterinary Practice Sciences is available (subject to availability) through our partnership with Harper Adams University (HAU).

Please see our pricing table for GPAdvCert fees in the pricing tab.

The Course Includes

Throughout the programme, you will be provided with various resources to give you the most up-to-date and in-depth knowledge in Cardiology. 

  • Each module will be presented by cardiology experts, allowing you plenty of opportunity to ask questions and receive detailed practical instruction 

  • You’ll have direct access to leading cardiology specialists at every module 

  • The sessions will be complemented by our world-leading veterinary online learning platform providing access to notes, case discussions via a closed forum and further resources such as videos and reading references 

  • A subscription to Harper Adam’s e-library will provide you with access to 1,000’s clinical articles and abstracts* 

  • A dedicated Programme Coordinator will support you during the programme to ensure a rewarding and successful journey 

*only for those registered with HAU to progress to PgD. 

Venue: Swindon
Date: 21 Jun 2023 - 14 Sep 2023

GPAdvCert in Small Animal Cardiology

21 Jun 2023 - 14 Sep 2023
14 Modules
2 Practical sessions
GPAdvCert in Small Animal Cardiology



This course is accredited by ISVPS and allows you to achieve a General Practitioner Advanced Certificate


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