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20 Jun 2024 - 07 Mar 2025

Master veterinary dentistry and oral surgery with our advanced programme! 

Step into the future of veterinary dentistry with our comprehensive 18-module training programme designed to meet the demands of modern pet care. Crafted by leading experts, this course provides in-depth theoretical and practical insights, empowering you to excel in oral and maxillofacial procedures. Delve into real-life cases, interactive videos, and expert guidance.  Your clinical decision-making proficiency will be strengthened through advanced learning in dental examination findings in specific disease entities and a focus on communication of relevant differential diagnoses and prognostic factors. 

This comprehensive programme delves into every essential aspect, empowering you with specialised knowledge, hands-on practice, and safety protocols for oral and dental procedures. 

This advanced training programme will also enable you to achieve a General Practitioner Advanced Certificate in Small Animal Dentistry (GPAdvCert SADen&OS) awarded by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS).


What does the programme include? 

Each module is taught by experienced veterinary specialists, with multiple practical sessions in dentistry and oral surgery to help develop these skills. Some of the topics include: 

  • Advanced treatments in periodontal disease

  • Restorative dentistry

  • Non-surgical root canal treatment and pulp therapy

  • Orthodontics and prosthodontics

  • Advanced Imaging

  • Managment of maxillofacial tumours & maxillectomy techiques

  • Temporomandibular joint and palatal surgeries

  • Maxillofacial trauma repair and advanced oral medicine


Who is this programme suitable for? 

This advanced programme has been designed for those veterinary surgeons wanting to explore and expand their previous skills and gain a better insight into the world of Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery. 

Whether you want to enhance your skills as a general practitioner or want to build on the knowledge gained from previous postgraduate training such as Dentistry and Oral Surgery, this programme is for you. 


Which advanced techniques can you learn? 

Our advanced programmes are designed for veterinary surgeons who wish to deepen their knowledge in a particular subject. Examples of several skills covered in this advanced course include: 

  • Periodontal flap and mucogingival surgery
  • Reparative and regenerative periodontal surgery: guided tissue regeneration, membrane barriers, graft materials
  • Standard root canal treatment: access, root canal debridement, obturation techniques
  • Preventive, interceptive and corrective orthodontics
  • Acquired malocclusion correction with elastic training (Bar-Am) 
  • Impressions and bite registration
  • Cementation techniques
  • Crown preparation of canine teeth
  • One and two-step PVS impression technique
  • Axial-pattern flap for maxillofacial reconstruction
  • Segmental/central maxillectomy
  • Techniques in mandibulectomy procedures
  • Regenerative techniques in maxillofacial surgery, including mandibular reconstruction
  • TMJ ankylosis and pseudo ankylosis: surgical decision making, surgical technique, and complications
  • Closed reduction of luxation of the TMJ
  • Hard and soft palate defect repair 
  • Orofacial cleft repair using the Von Langenbeck technique
  • Maxillofacial repair using plates and screws
  • Maxillomandibular fixation


This advanced training will also cover numerous medical areas, including: 

  • Feline chronic gingivostomatitis and glossitis
  • Canine chronic ulcerative stomatitis
  • Feline orofacial pain
  • Osteomyelitis and osteonecrosis
  • Masticatory muscle myositis
  • Craniomandibular osteopathy and other inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial bones
  • Canine eosinophilic stomatitis
  • Feline eosinophilic granuloma complex


What are the Eligibility Criteria?

If you wish to enrol on this programme, it is strongly advised that you have 5 years prior experience within practice as a qualified veterinary surgeon and must hold either the ISVPS General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert) or Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) in Dentistry and Oral Surgery or an equivalent dentistry postgraduate certificate from another provider. You will be required to upload your certificate in order for your eligibility to be confirmed. If you do not hold a GPCert or PgC but have substantial experience (we advised 5 years or over) in dentistry gained in practice, you may apply, but you will need to upload a current CV, a letter outlining your previous experience, plus a recommendation from a peer (registered veterinary surgeon). 


'Try Me' modules

We're excited to introduce our innovative approach to advanced Continuing Professional Development (CPD), designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for superior patient care. 

That's why we're offering you the opportunity to try out 2 sample modules from our Advanced Dentistry & Oral Surgery programme. Pay only for the first two modules; if the first module doesn't meet the course learning objectives, you can contact us to request a refund!  Please see the 'try me modules' section in the module tab. For further informatin please contact usTerms and Conditions apply.

GPAdvCert in Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery - Hear from one of our speakers

Delving into real-life cases with interactive videos, and expert guidance from leaders in the field!

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Key features of this programme

18 hands-on modules to guide you through all key aspects of dentistry and oral surgery
Diverse learning approach with presentations, notes, practical sessions and exercises that allow you to progress throughout the course
Practical learning to help you develop your hands-on skills under the guidance of experienced specialists
Group sizes will be strictly limited to enable a one to one learning experience
World class speakers providing you with the very latest information in Dentistry and Oral Surgery
Valuable insights on step-by-step decision-making processes which will enable you to make the best choice when investigating and managing a wide variety of conditions
The know-how and the high-quality resources of the global leader in veterinary CPD
Case studies are used to help you relate your theoretical knowledge to real clinical practice

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Venue: Swindon
Date: 20 Jun 2024 - 07 Mar 2025

GPAdvCert in Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery

18 Modules
15 Practical sessions
2 Try me modules available
GPAdvCert in Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery
Price From £13,828.00 + VAT
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This course is accredited by ISVPS and allows you to achieve a General Practitioner Advanced Certificate

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