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02 Jul 2024

Open day and CPD event!

We are delighted to be holding a grand opening of our new Improve Veterinary Education Clinical Excellence Centre in Swindon.  

Conveniently located near the M4 junction 16, this facility boasts two surgical wet-lab theatres and an x-ray suite, meticulously crafted for sustainability and comfort. With 388 sqm of space equipped with the latest surgical and x-ray technology, in collaboration with our partners Burtons, iM3, and VI, this facility promises an optimal learning environment.  

We invite you to join us for this special occasion to learn more about the exciting opportunities our new Clinical Excellence Centre brings and also to experience 2 hours of CPD in our brand new wet labs! 

2 Hours CPD with Alix Freeman!

During this two hour session, you will learn how to implement local anaesthesia techniques on a day-to-day basis in veterinary dental practice. Gain important knowledge around the anatomy and pharmacology, relevant to local anaesthetic techniques in the oral cavity. The course includes a practical wet-lab session, giving you the opportunity to place local anaesthetic nerve blocks.

You will also gain insight into the skills required to produce diagnostic dental radiographs and how these can be quickly mastered. You will learn to appraise and critically evaluate your dental radiographs in order to rapidly and successfully correct common radiographic errors. You will have the opportunity to get hands-on with our iM3 dental x-ray units.

You are invited to bring along examples of radiographs that have gone wrong to troubleshoot on the day!

Format for the event: Tuesday 2 July 2024, 10am to 1pm 

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  • CPD - 2 Hours

"Dental Nerve Blocks and Radiographic Troubleshooting"  delivered by: Alix Freeman DipEVDC European and RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry

  • Lunch and refreshments

Plus you'll receive a hard copy dentistry manual and an Improve Veterinary Education Dentistry bundle!

Delta 1200, Delta Business Park, Swindon, SN5 7XQ 

Key features of this programme

Understand the anatomy, pharmacology and indications for local anaesthetic nerve blocks in dentistry and oral surgery
Practically apply appropriate local anaesthetic nerve blocks in the wet-lab
Understand common complications associated with the use of local anaesthetics in the oral cavity
Understand and apply various dental radiographic techniques
Critically evaluate radiographs for common dental radiographic errors
Analyse and correct dental radiographic errors to obtain better images

Programme Details

Module Summary

Venue: Swindon
Date: 02 Jul 2024

Dental Nerve Blocks and Radiographic Troubleshooting

Day 1: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
2 CPD Hours
1 Module
Price From £49.00 + VAT
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