Nurse Programmes

Training for vet nurses, technicians and paraprofessionals

Gain the extra knowledge to put you at the forefront of your career

he training and knowledge you will receive in our nurse programmes will give you the platform to transform your professional life and approach more complex cases in practice. Not only will you develop your skills in your chosen subject and be able to approach cases much more confidently, but you can also fit your learning around your busy schedule and work towards a recognised academic qualification. Improve Veterinary Education postgraduate programmes are available in different learning modalities: face to face, 100% online or blended learning (a combination of online modules and practical sessions).

You can achieve a Nurse Certificate (NCert) / Veterinary Technician Certificate (VTCert) or Veterinary Paraprofessional (VPPCert) awarded by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS). These qualifications will enable you to expand your knowledge and further demonstrate your skills, while obtaining academic recognition.

Eligibility Criteria

Please take a look at the individual courses for information about the eligibility criteria for the different awards (NCert/VTCert/VPPCert).

Nurse Programmes: modular training programmes that are delivered either via online, face to face or blended learning to provide you with the best learning experience. The duration of these programmes varies from one to two year depending on the chosen subject.

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Why choose a nurse programme?

World-renowned speakers

Dedicated online platform with study resources

Latest clinical training environments for the face-to-face modules 

Connect with like-minded peers for networking

Practical sessions where relevant to the subject

Accredited by ISVPS