1. Hold on, who are we again?

We’ve evolved. We’re now the Improve International Group, made up of three professional partners – Improve Veterinary Education, ISVPS and Improve Veterinary Practice.

2. Wait, didn’t we used to be called something else?

Check the timeline to see how the brand has evolved over time.

3. Why should you care?

Our Purpose

Why do we exist? To provide veterinary professionals with the skills and confidence to deliver compassionate animal care through advanced training and qualifications.

Our Vision

What does the future look like? We want to be the world’s best provider of veterinary education and certification.

Our Mission

How will we achieve our goals? By enabling professional veterinary growth through innovative, accessible and digitally-led education, resources and qualifications.

4. We do more than you might realise!

This diagram below will help you decide which part of the Improve International Group will suit you best, with information about the different training, qualifications and resources we offer to all veterinary professions for their CE needs.

5. Find out more!

The Improve International group is a leading multinational organisation that provides high quality and innovative veterinary education resources and qualifications.
Improve Veterinary Training (part of the Improve International Group) is a world leader in veterinary postgraduate training and education.
Veterinary Practice (part of the Improve International Group) is an online knowledge and information hub for veterinary professionals across all specialties.
The International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS) awards globally recognised postgraduate veterinary qualifications, with over 5,700 alumni since 2003.