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May - Oct 2025


This course provides comprehensive knowledge of small animal nutrition. This discipline has advanced exponentially during recent years. It is now well recognised, both by veterinary staff and pet owners, that optimal feeding plays a vital role in helping to reduce the risk of common health problems at different life stages. Nutrition is also vital to convalescence and management of a wide range of clinical conditions.

Providing the correct nutritional advice is now considered to be a very important aspect of pet care. The task of formulating a feeding plan is often delegated to nursing staff who are directly involved with the care of hospitalised patients. Veterinary nurses. Veterinary nurses/technicians/paraprofessionals also play an important role in communicating with owners and providing feeding advice for pets at home.


  • To review and improve the learner’s understanding and knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry of small animals in relation to pet nutrition
  • To introduce students to basic nutrition and life-stage feeding of dogs, cats, and exotic pets
  • To provide course participants with the opportunity to study a wide range of pet food choices, complete nutritional calculation,s and interpret commercial labels
  • To familiarise delegates with new diets such as raw meaty, vegetarian, and vegan so they can discuss these options in a constructive and non-judgemental way
  • To introduce the concepts of key nutritional factors so that delegates can use this knowledge to offer sound nutritional advice and formulate optimal feeding pans for well pets and those affected by a range of frequently encountered clinical conditions




Venue: Greve, Denmark
Date: May - Oct 2025

NCert in Small Animal Nutrition

Greve, Denmark
8 Modules
NCert in Small Animal Nutrition
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