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01 May 2025 - 15 Mar 2026


This comprehensive course recognizes the crucial role veterinary nurses play in addressing the emotional well-being of canine and feline patients. Beyond physical health, this program delves into understanding emotional motivational systems, influencing behavioral responses in dogs and cats. Through a blend of lectures, discussions, and real case studies, participants will gain insights into the emotional roots of undesirable behaviors, exploring the intricate connection between physical and emotional health.

Covering topics from optimizing patient responses to enhancing the overall practice environment, this course emphasizes the proactive role of veterinary nurses, technicians, and paraprofessionals in preventing emotional health issues in companion animals. It aims to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to competently and safely handle emotional health concerns within the veterinary practice setting. It's important to note that while future regulations may impose restrictions on the term "animal behaviorist," successful candidates of the NCert (AnBeh) can still apply their knowledge effectively within the scope of their practice.


The certificate program will:

  • Enhance your clinical skills and knowledge
  • Increase your confidence and job satisfaction
  • Enable you to gain an achievable and recognized qualification


Venue: Greve, Denmark
Date: 01 May 2025 - 15 Mar 2026

NCert in Animal Behaviour

Greve, Denmark
8 Modules
NCert in Animal Behaviour
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