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Mar 2025 - May 2026


The General Practitioner Advanced Certificate (GPAdvCert) in Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery is a dynamic and specialized initiative meticulously crafted for veterinary surgeons aspiring to enhance their proficiency in soft tissue surgical techniques. Across 14 modules, this advanced-level course offers a thorough and immersive learning experience, strategically designed to elevate the practical skills and expertise of participants in the field of small animal soft tissue surgery.


This program will allow you to advance your soft tissue surgery skills.

  • The pathophysiology and available literature in relation to small animal surgical conditions
  • A focus on problem-solving to increase confidence in diagnosing and stabilizing animals with complex pathologies
  • Interactive and engaging lectures, demonstrations and practical application
  • New surgical techniques and more advanced procedures under close supervision in a wet-lab environment
  • The different types of tumors affecting the body systems as well as staging, diagnosis and different treatment modalities
  • Complex surgical techniques and minimally invasive techniques
  • World-class clinicians provide you with the very latest information in small animal soft tissue surgery


NOTE: Dates displayed on this program are subject to change.

Venue: Greve, Denmark
Date: Mar 2025 - May 2026

GPAdvCert in Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery

Greve, Denmark
14 Modules
14 Practical sessions
GPAdvCert in Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery
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