Raymond Fitzpatrick is a self-employed locum studying for our PgC in Small Animal Surgery (SAS) between 2018 and 2020.  He shares his experience so far:

Embarking on Improve’s two-year Small Animal Surgery programme was my second attempt at earning a PgC in surgery. I’d previously enrolled on a one-year programme with another provider but, unfortunately, it didn’t deliver what I was hoping for, especially as it was mostly self-study. I also found the lack of learning support frustrating. I knew that I wanted to spend more time working face to face with my lecturers and fellow delegates as part of my learning and I viewed a high level of support both during and after each module as essential. As a result, I switched to Improve’s two-year Small Animal Surgery PgC programme in 2018 and I’m already nearly halfway through.  The experience could not be more different.

While all aspects of Improve’s programme are excellent, I’ve been particularly impressed with the company’s practical facilities, as well as the quality of the teaching.  The level of support given to delegates is also exceptional – every detail, from the content of the lecture notes to the accessibility of the lecturers and the Programme Tutor, has been thought through and the result is that I feel supported every step of the way.  I’ve even found that I’m reading less but still retaining much more information.

Overall, I think that Improve’s programme is excellent value. In my case, it’s already paid for itself as I’m learning new skills, including less fearful of thorax conditions. It’s proving to be a fantastic learning experience on all counts and I’m recommending it enthusiastically to all of my colleagues. The best decision I ever made!

Raymond Fitzpatrick

Small Animal Surgery Postgraduate Certificate Delegate