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Our Distance Learning Programme in Medical Nursing has been developed to enable all veterinary nurses/technicians access to our world-class teaching materials. 

By studying part-time, at your own pace, this programme allows you to effectively manage your work-life balance while taking essential knowledge back to practice immediately. 

All our Nurse/Vet Tech modular programmes have a dedicated programme coordinator,  who will support you every step of the way. You’ll also have support and guidance from module tutors who are specialists in their module subjects across 8 varied and interactive modules delivered over 8  months. 

The course comprises 8 modules in total with a module being delivered every month. ?The module content is divided into?four?weeks of teaching with the aim that the learning objectives are covered in the first?three?weeks and delivered via?nine?online lessons, each of which is about 40-60 minutes long. The module is concluded with either two interactive reflective sessions ?(where appropriate) or delegates writing MCQs as part of a reflective study within week four. 

Delegates will also be provided additional study skills sessions aiding the delegate to develop their reflective skills. This will help them in their clinical assessments and revision of their learning, which can be used within their future career.

Once you join you will be part of an international programme with participants from all over the world. 


8 varied modules

Covering key nursing topics in medical nursing delivered over 15  months (one module released every other month) 

Support and guidance from a Module Tutor who is a specialist within the medical field

The specialist in the subject area will provide online support during each module and will be available to answer all your questions 

Multiple learning processes

Presentations, written notes, interactive quizzes, multiple-choice question writing and exercises test your knowledge as you work 

Discussion forum

A discussion forum for conversation, debate and sharing cases with your peers and Module Tutors 

Four sessions per month

Each module consists of four sessions spread over one month. Sessions comprise separate lessons to work through at your own pace. The fourth week of the month will provide reflective sessions and, training in study skills and revision materials will be provided.

100% online

Giving you access 24/7 wherever you are using your laptop, tablet or even your mobile

Regular assessments

Pre-module and post-module assessments encourage you to reflect on your learning and evaluate your progress 

Dedicated Programme coordinator

A dedicated Programme coordinator  who will support you every step of the way 

Interactive and engaging modules

Which allow you to absorb the learning materials in an online environment 


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Veterinary Technician Certificate in Medical Nursing

8 Module
8 Online sessions
Veterinary Technician Certificate in Medical Nursing
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